Bishop Arts Station Project Getting Closer to Moving Forward

Posted by Kenneth G. Cox on Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 at 7:42am

Bishop Arts Station, Dallas TX

It’s been about a year since the new Bishop Arts Station project was proposed and now it looks as if 2016 could be the year when the new Alamo Manhattan project finally gets underway.

The development, which will bring 209 rentals and over 25,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space to Zang Blvd and W. Davis Street in the trendy Bishop Arts District, has faced several challenges since it was initially proposed, most notably with already existing area residents who are concerned with preserving the character and history of the neighborhood, while also maintaining some sense of affordability.

As part of an agreement developers have made with the city, all of the 209 apartments at the new Bishop Arts Station complex will be mixed-income, while 20 percent of them, or about 42 units, will meet affordable housing requirements.

According to a report from the Dallas Journal, a major part in the project finally moving forward was the willingness to listen to the community and consult with various architects and other economic experts in order to meet the exceptions of local residents.

Should Bishop Arts Station be approved and move forward, construction could begin towards the end of the summer and an expected completion date would be scheduled for around April of 2018.

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Carol wrote:

I have been looking for a new home area just north of Dallas (Celina, Prosper, etc.). I have probably viewed near a 100 homes and I am so disgusted. Every single house I have looked at was constructed of fingered jointed lumber -- that is, wood that has been glued together about every 18". Then the seller's include in their sales pitch that it is a "green house." that is supposed to make the buyer who avoids details feel good that his house is made of scrap wood. After researching the issue and speaking with a construction engineer, I decided to not buy such a home and this means not buying a home in the North Dallas area unless you have it custom built. If the home is already I guess dry-walled than check the attic. I never found this type of "lumber" used in other parts of Texas or Arkansas or Iowa.

Posted on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 at 11:12am

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