DFW Testimonials & Realtor Reviews

Testimonials & DFW Realtor Reviews

Dallas Fort Worth TX Realtor Testimonials & ReviewsDFW Urban Realty's goal is to provide our clients with an unmatched level of customer service combined with local area knowledge and expertise.  We pride ourselves on offering advanced solutions and technology to meet all your real estate needs! 

If you have a particular experience with one of our buyer, seller or rental agents you would like to share, please tell us your thoughts!  Thank you for using our Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Real Estate services and we appreciate your feedback!

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Steve Fox made my first home buying experience a breeze. I thought home buying would be a nightmare, but Steve proved that wrong. He was very prompt in replying to all my questions. He showed up in time for all the home viewings and had answers to all my questions. He coordinated with the seller, title company and the lender very efficiently. He negotiated the deal exactly how I wanted. I have nothing but good to say about him. I will recommend Steve to any potential  home buyers anytime. That was a job well done Steve. Thank You.


Kushal Koriala

I consider myself so fortunate to have found Joana Sweney when I started looking into purchasing a home, As my Realtor, she helped me find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. She was patient as we traveled almost the entire Metroplex area to look at homes over several months and cautioned me about making unreasonable offers when we fell too quickly for overpriced homes.

In short, she was always on my side working to make my house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Joana was that she was always more focused on answering my questions, giving me good advice, and finding homes that met my needs than she was on closing a deal. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in finding a realtor with high professionalism, extensive knowledge in real estate and very passionate about meeting the customer’s needs.

Joana made me feel comfortable, confident and provided me with all the necessary tools that I needed in order to succeed in this journey, she definitely exceeded all my expectations and today I thank her for making this dream a reality.

Another important part of my purchase experience was the mortgage company we worked with, The mortgage broker Andrea Crabtree and her team was the icing on the cake, very knowledgeable and experienced, the treatment received by them can’t be described with words, the best of the best. They completed all the paperwork in very little time and communicated with me every  - step of the way. I’m very grateful to have worked with them, I would recommend Movement Mortgage to anyone who would want to put this very important transaction in the hands of professionals. -Bruno Roelvys

Bruno Roelvys

Gail Schaeffer with DFW Urban Realty is my Realtor. She helped me with my recent home purchase! Gail is great!! She searched homes for me, answered every concern that I had and if she didn't know the answer she found out for me and got back to me quickly! I would recommend DFW Urban Realty to everyone that I know! I feel like I have known Gail forever and we just met a few months ago!! She was very patient with me and never made me feel like an imposition! If we ever decide to purchase another home later, we will definitely use DFW Urban Realty again! Thanks for the awesome experience and the excellent service! -  Allie


It was such a pleasure working with Kristen Contreras when I say she went above and beyond what was expected to help us find exactly what we needed and in beyond crunch time of not even 2 weeks lol She showed us properties that many other realtors required to learn about and gave us valuable insights of every detail needed with my budget needs .She was extremely accommodating regarding scheduling viewings and making herself available on short notice when necessary. You can really tell she loves what she does and has genuine real joy for her clients .I would recommend her to ANYONE looking to buy or rent !! Her experience has been invaluable and her ability to work under pressure, inspiring. She's friendly, approachable and has excellent written and communication skills.Thanks Again love the neighborhood and new school district!!

Aisha Singleton

Joana Sweney was God sent. She is an excellent realtor who helped me purchase my first home. She was very patient with me yet very attentive to details of how I wanted my house to be like. You will not be disappointed with Joana, she will fight for you as she did for me. - Peter M.

Peter Mutsemi

Where do I begin! Thank you SO much for giving me and my mother the ultimate tour of Dallas today! I can't believe you chauffeured us around for nearly 6 hours, visiting every apartment complex under the sun! Moving 1500 miles away from my current home makes this process all the more critical. After today, I am confident I have found a new place to call home, and you were instrumental in making that happen. You went above and beyond the call of duty, and for this I am so grateful. The best part - you made it fun! A true testament to your congeniality and professionalism. You are an angel, Kellie. Thank you again for your help. Rest assured, I'll be passing along your name to anyone I know who's planning a move to Dallas. :)
I had the pleasure of working with Kellie Morris while looking for an apartment in Dallas in March. Shortly after reaching out the morning I flew into town, she called me back and had a list of potential options for me to consider within an hour! She was flexible enough to meet with me the very next day. She showed me apartment after apartment for SIX HOURS - giving me the ultimate tour of Dallas all the while. After the first hour, Kellie felt more like a trusted friend than a realtor. She went above and beyond the call of duty, and for this I am so grateful. Relocating 1500 miles away from my current home makes this process incredibly challenging. Kellie made it enjoyable - a true testament to her congeniality and professionalism. Because of her, I am confident I have found a new place to call home. Kellie - you are an angel! Thank you so much for your help!!!

Alisha Gail


"Steve Fox has been so helpful and patient with all my questions always trying to find out the answers (if he doesn't have an answer). He always responds in a timely manner. I really appreciate everything he has done to help me get into my house." 


Susana Vargas

Sandy found the perfect apartment for me, on short notice. She was incredibly helpful.  - Sandy Maltese, Realtor

Mike Smith, Renter

I met up with Katie Sunday morning to look at the Harwood listing.  She was great and has been sending me listings and also told me about a spot on Belleview that is very appealing.

I spoke to her about how I'm in the very early early stages of looking at places.  I'm mainly looking at what neighborhoods I like and just by spending some time out there Sunday was a big help. This is my second year in Texas, I live in Arlington, so I'm very new to the area and living in Dallas or Fort Worth is I believe the direction I would like to go in the future.  Purchasing a condo has be a recent idea, instead of renting or buying a house. Thanks for checking up and you guys seem to know about alot of really nice places!


Mike Secrest

Joana Thanks for helping us find the right home! We are pleased with the job you did.  You made the whole process very easy and we appreciate all your efforts to get us the best deal possible.  I am going to tell everyone I know to use you to help find them a new home as well!

Michael Brice

"Joana Sweney is the dream agent that anyone would be lucky to have! She will go above and beyond for any of her clients to the point that you feel like your family! Sweney will make sure the deal is fair and will be honest and upfront about anything that she feels would be a good purchase or a bad purchase. The moment you walk into a house and she sees something wrong that is going to cost you big time, she will say this is not the one; it’s not about the money for her, it’s the love and passion she has for what she’s been doing for over twenty years! The experience with Joana has been so pleasant and wonderful, I’m almost sad it’s over! She is communicative and will be with you every step of the way! If you’re looking for a fun, wonderful, and one of a kind agent, Joana is the one! She will find you your forever home!

Testimonial! Just sent it. Thank you again for all you did for me

Shahnise Mcknight

Sandy was a huge help in locating a rental home for my roommates and I in the "M" streets. It was very difficult to find a house that met our needs and was in the area we wanted to be in. She was a pivotal part of locating the house and the negotiation process. I would definitely recommend her to any one looking for a great realtor in the area.  - Sandy Maltese, Realtor

Bill Wood, Buyer

We found one of Sandy's listings one Sunday, emailed her, and we were looking at places within the hour! And found a place and signed a lease, in a couple days! She is Quick, persistent, and very effective! I highly recommend her!  -  Sandy Maltese, Realtor

Christine Schneider, Renter

Sandy was a huge help in locating a rental home for my roommates and I in the "M" streets. It was very difficult to find a house that met our needs and was in the area we wanted to be in. She was a pivotal part of locating the house and the negotiation process. I would definitely recommend her to any one looking for a great realtor in the area.  - Sandy Maltese, Realtor

Nina Martin, Renter

Joana Sweney changed our lives!

I mean that in the most literal and sincerest sense. My fiancé and I had been searching for homes for months with very little to show for it. We were first time home buyers and we were woefully unprepared for the quagmire that is the online housing market. Too many apps and too much bad information! Long story short, a friend recommended Joana to us as they had just closed on their house. I reached out to Joana and everything changed. On the initial call she patiently walked us through everything that we would need and should expect in the coming weeks and months. She painstakingly noted every detail that we wanted and didn't want and continually encouraged us through the entire process. Joana always made herself available, taking calls and answering texts early and as late as 11 pm. More important than her amazing service and skill is her honesty. Joana always kept things real with us, I never felt as if I was being pushed to buy or persuaded in anyway. Joana fought hard for us and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Thank you!

Davis Micah

I am writing to let you know about the outstanding service I recently received from one of your agents, Kelli Trice. 

I have been commuting to work in Dallas from my home in Memphis, TN for the past 18 months. The project I am working on has been extended for at least two more years, so it made sense for me to consider relocating to the Dallas area. I work in an office just north of the airport and I wanted to find something as close to the office as possible, so I began to research online sites such as Zillow and Trulia to view available properties in the Irving and Las Colinas areas. I found several properties that interested me and submitted requests to talk to an agent, but believe it or not I was never contacted by anyone from any of the agencies. Unfortunately, the lack of responses did not surprise me as I have noticed a steep decline in the level of customer service that many companies deliver over the last several years. It is surprising to see so many companies that completely ignore opportunities to make sales.

Thankfully, a few weeks ago I was introduced to your agent Kelli Trice. I replied to an online listing for a condo in Las Colinas and to my surprise I received a text from Kelli within 15 minutes to set up a time to view the condo. She offered to come to my office to pick up the application fee, and over the next few weeks her communication was amazing. She responded almost immediately to every question that I had through the entire process, and last Wednesday I signed a two-year lease. I'm sure most agents prefer to use the phone or e-mail for communication with their clients, but I really appreciated the way Kelli used text messages because I received very quick replies and it accommodated my extremely busy days in the office.

Kelli is an asset to your team and I will be recommending her to anyone else from my company who is looking to lease or purchase in the DFW area. Thanks to you and to Kelli for being dedicated to excellent customer service.

Rick Russell

Nucor Steelmaking Group

Rick Russell

I was referred to Joana, by my daughter's co-worker. She was given a glaring review, by the co-worker and after meeting her, I felt encouraged that she would do a great job for me.

I was selling a smaller home and looking for a larger one. She represented me as a selling agent as well as a buying agent. She surpassed all my expectations, in both capacities. The sell of my home became a challenge, because the buyer wasn't forthcoming with some information. Joana ensured that the deal maintained its integrity and was processed in a timely manner. Joana continued to search for me a new home, during the sell of my old one. She acted as a seller/buyer agent the entire time and when there was an issue with either deal, she would inform me and we would discuss my options.

My experience with Joana during the sell of one home and the purchase of another, has been nothing short of phenomenal. She is an agent that goes the extra mile for her client and is there with you every step of the way. She pays attention to detail and has a vast knowledge of the local market. Her experience has been invaluable and her ability to work under pressure, inspiring. She's friendly, approachable and has excellent written and communication skills. She is relentless when it comes to negotiations and always puts her client first.
I recommend Joana to anyone who is selling their home or to anyone who is buying a home. She's trustworthy and dedicated to her clients and their well being.

Revlyn Henderson

Katie Nuckolls was fantastic in getting me a great place to live during my move from Austin to Dallas. I highly recommend her and hopefully use her for my next real estate transaction as well!

Sanjeev C. - Uptown Dallas
Karen Owens was our realtor... She was so sweet, professional and patient during our house buying and selling process. She's been such a blessing to our family and we love her dearly. Thank you and we've enjoyed using your services at DFW Urban Realty.
- The Houston Family
Michelle Houston

Sandy was instrumental in helping me find a new rental home that met my strict specifications. I would recommend to anybody looking for a rental property. Sandy's services are a huge time saver and her knowledge of the local neighborhoods are impressive. She also helped my girlfriend find her current apartment.  - Sandy Maltese, Realtor

Jason Hauck, Renter

Nicole Serrano was absolutely trustworthy and reliable in every area of our townhome search. Nicole recommended Eric Causey as my Mortgage Broker and I was very pleased with the service and expertise I received throughout. From the first time I spoke with Nicole Serrano on the phone, I felt an instant connection in that I'd found a realtor who truly would work for me and my needs. Throughout our process of finding a townhome within my area and budget, Nicole was focused on what I wanted, and was relentless on finding just the right place for me. I felt that she truly cared and wasn't just working for a commission. Her upbeat, fun, playful and yet professional personality was a huge plus in our journey that often proved frustrating and endless. She was a friend as well as my realtor...I trusted her implicitly. Nicole is a gem -- you are extremely lucky to have such a realtor...she deserves a big raise!!!

- Nicole Serrano, Realtor

3145 Forest Circle Sold Townhome McKinney TX

Julie Stevenson

Hello.  I just want you to know that I love your website.  I am able to get a more thorough result from my search with your website than with the others that are out there.  I was using this format texasmls until they changed it.  I was having a very difficult time with getting the results I was seeking from my searches after their change.  I am so happy I found your website.  Please don't change anything about it.  It is definitely the best site I have found, even more thorough than TexasMLS before they changed theirs.  


Rosemarie Love

Rosemarie Love

I recently used DFW Urban Realty to find an apartment in Uptown. Great service and they gave me $250 cash rebate for referring the locator I worked with. dallasringo - UptownDallas

dallasringo - UptownDallas


Thank you so much for your assistance and helping Regina on this matter. I can only speak for myself, but I was totally unimpressed with the effort of company that was working with Regina prior to reaching out to you. The fact that you were able to present a few options and get a lease underway within a week speaks volumes as to your abilities and willingness for follow up. I am so glad that we came across your website on the internet. - Susan Reagor, Realtor

Regina Flores

I’m really reviewing JOANA SWENEY!!! I haven’t met someone so passionate and honest like her in years. She has true dedication and determination! I don’t think she sleeps ( I hope she does ) she sold our home in less than a weekend with multiple offers and helped us when we thought we were at our end in finding our new home. It was not easy with all of our needs. She worked and continues to work tirelessly around the clock for us. She’s a rare Gem who knows the industry and market in and out. She is what other realtors should aim to be like. Joana should be listed on top realtors for sure! If you want someone who will be honest with you, have YOUR best interest at heart choose her!!! If you want some fly by the night realtor who only cares about money find someone else b/c she is not about that. - Lauren Irizarry

****This is my own opinion , I was not asked to do a review. I’m sharing her contact info:
(682) 702-4506

Lauren Irizarry

Buz Ruzell

Omni Residences High Rise Condos in Fort WorthWe initially contacted Samantha Davault with an online query.  She responded quickly and soon we setup a meeting time over the phone.  Since we were from out of town it was necessary for us to meet late afternoon/evenings and weekends which Samantha was very gracious to accommodate. 

In addition to selecting a good portfolio of properties for us to review she made herself invaluable when it came to negotiating final terms on the upscale apartment we settled on. 

Ultimately, our purchase and settlement went smoother than I had hoped for and we are very-pleased with the property Samantha helped us find!

Jeremie Perry

Tara Salazar

Consummate Professional & Wonderful to Work With Joana Sweney

Joana was excellent to work with. She was always extremely responsive, and provided us with information long before we even thought to request it. She was instrumental in making the process smooth and efficient for our family, and we were able to arrange a sale and purchase at the same time in a hectic market. This was all due to Joana's leadership and guidance through the process. Her instincts and market knowledge were very high level, and she was able to help us secure the sales price we wanted for our home. It was a wonderful experience, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Daniel Meadows

Sandy was our Dallas-based realtor for what turned out to be a difficult recent move from Houston to Dallas. Sandy was very professional throughout and helped us not only with buying our property, but also with looking for a short term lease hen our mortgage had to be renegotiated in the middle of the buying process.  Sandy kept on top of all the issues throughout, kept us informed of progress, introduced us to all the relevant contacts and kept us motivated along the way!  - Sandy Maltese, Realtor

Michael G Jones, Buyer

4221 Cole Avenue Condos in DallasSandy showed me condos all over uptown and we found one that worked out perfectly! I’ve been using Sandy for years when looking for an apartment and this was my first home buying experience, she was very helpful in this process.  She referred me to a bank and helped make sure everything went smoothly with them. Sandy did a great job handling the title company, other realtor and even referred me to a contractor who did a great job remodeling the bathrooms.

I didn’t have to worry very much because she took care of problems that came up and was always very easy to reach. Overall, I'm very satisfied.  - Sandy Maltese, Realtor

Steve Smith, Buyer

Kristin Contreras was so helpful and informative. She was patient and understanding. And cared for our needs. Man she was the absolute best! She's my lifetime realtor 1000%

Steven Trevino

6201 Trailwood in Wolf Creek Estate PlanoMy experience was 100% good. DFW Urban Realty not only did an outstanding job on finding us our dream home at our dream6713 Misty Hollow Sold in Wellington Run Plano price, they also (at the same time) did the same on selling our house and assisting with the purchase of my sister-in-law's house. I love that DFW Urban Realty walks you through the process from beginning to end, and handles so many details for you to lessen your stress.

Through this process we now consider our agent and the Broker, Kenneth Cox, a friend and business partner. DFW Urban Realty went above and beyond what most brokerages would have done. They had a genuine interest in getting us into the right home, and not just any home that would pay them a commission. DFW Urban Realty really and truly, looked out for us as individuals, not just clients. Thank you so much!

Chad & Patricia Kolb

Chad & Patricia Kolb

It was a pleasure having Kellie Morris as my realtor. She is a great person, hard working and went above and beyond for me. When we started I had three months left before my lease was up. I really needed to be out of my apartment by a certain time. She worked so hard to make that happen in such short notice even with how the market is. Every other day she had a new listing for me, we would go look at 2,3 and sometimes 4 houses a day. Yes, I know I was picky but she was very patient with me. Once we found the right home she still kept doing great things for me. If my lender needed something, she had it ready! Kellie was always on top of her game. Calling the sellers making sure the house was ready. There were times where she would do things I won't expect other realtor's to do for me like she did and I'm forever grateful for all that she has done and for hard work..  Thanks Kellie Morris for being such a GREAT realtor and friend. - Liz


Elizabeth Macario

I was looking for a rental unit quickly and Sandy Maltese was available to take me out the same day. She knows a lot about rental properties in Dallas and was able to check on availability and upgrades. I found the perfect top-floor unit and she stayed until I completed all the online paperwork, while asking great questions to make sure my unit would be ready in time for move-in. She was very professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I definitely recommend Sandy to anyone looking for a rental property or home in the Dallas area!

Carol Elliot

It was a pleasure working with Kelli Trice!  

As a first time home buyer with very little knowledge, we were so fortunate to work with Kelli Trice moving to Fort Worth. Coming from El Paso, TX, we could not have felt nearly so comfortable purchasing a home within such a short time frame, had we not had her local expertise guiding us. Her professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, patience, time and hard work ethic assured us the perfect home. From the house showing, to bidding, inspections, repair negotiations, contractual details, closing, and communicating effectively with the selling agent, she was patient communicating through long distance, and always focused on answering our questions. To this day, Kelli has been very helpful in connecting us with the appropriate resources, and we are extremely grateful for her help. I highly recommend Kelli Trice for any real estate needs, and will definitely refer her to anyone moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   

All the best,  Jessica Montes


Jessica Montes - Electrical Engineering- The University of Texas at El Paso
Kenneth personally responded to my inquiry. Great website and a personal response from the broker. What more could you ask for? The web site is a great resource for home shoppers like me who would otherwise have little access to most NTREIS information. Seems like a win/win. Thanks DFW Urban Realty!
Pruett Wood

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