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Anna, TX is a fast growing city just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. Anna is quickly becoming popular amongst individuals that appreciate the quality of life that small town living affords. The community is close enough to downtown Dallas that residents can enjoy everything the big city has to offer, but far enough away that they can have the comfort and familiarity of a tight-knit community. The average household in Anna, TX makes approximately $67,689 annually.

Anna apartments come at a low cost. Rent for apartments in Anna start at well less than $1000 a month. The community offers easy access to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and a number of parks and recreational venues within the city limits. Parks in the area include Slayter Creek Park, Natural Springs Park and Bryant Park. Each park has a number of fields, tennis courts, places to fish and even a skateboard park. Anna prides itself on being a business friendly area. Low commercial real estate costs and a low cost of doing business have attracted a number of small businesses to the area.

Anyone considering Anna apartments for rent or lease must appreciate the hometown comforts of a small Texas community. Safe neighborhoods and an excellent school district make Anna an ideal place to raise a family. The low rent and proximity to Dallas-Fort Worth are perfect for young people just getting their start in life.

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