Why is DFW Such a Great Area for Careers and Businesses?

Posted by on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 10:17am

Dallas, Texas Skyline

If you’re looking for the country’s best places for careers and business, Dallas and Fort Worth are two of the best. Forbes has come out with their 15th annual list of the best places for business and careers. They chose both Fort Worth and Dallas as a part of their top 25.

What are the Criteria for the List?

The list made by Forbes uses certain criteria to choose the locations with best business and careers. They consider factors, such as an educated labor forces, a strong business climate, and a business climate is fueled by low cost.

They chose cities with lower business startup costs than the national average, cities with a workforce filled with college graduates and cities with more high school graduates than the national average.

Forbes took the 200 largest metro areas and rated them by:

  • Their costs of living
  • Costs of business
  • Income Growth
  • Quality of Life
  • Jobs
  • Education of the Labor Force

Dallas and Fort Worth Make the List

Dallas was rated number 13th of the best business and career places on Forbes list. Fort Worth was ranked number 24. Three other Texas cities made the list with Houston at number 15, San Antonio at number 16, and Austin at number 19.

Dallas ranked well for its gross metro product of $280.3 billion. Dallas project annual GMP grew once again in 2013. In addition, Dallas’s Regional Chamber intends on spending $2.5 million a year on corporate recruiting for the next five years. The targets are companies making at least $2 billion in sales.  Dallas’s metro population is 4,534,000.

Fort Worth also did well for having a GMP of $113.4 billion. They  also saw an increase in GMP over the past year. Fort Worth has a metro population of 2,266,200.

Cities Ranked Poorly

California cities ranked very low due to negative income growth, an uneducated labor force and sky-high unemployment. Only 12.8% of adults in Merced have a college degree.

Congratulations to DFW for ranking well on this huge list, for having an educated work force and excellent job growth.

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