What’s the Preston Center Skybridge Look Like?

Posted by on Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 11:34am

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The Skybridge at Preston Center hasn't been created yet, but it has been proposed. The building is owned by Crow Holdings and they hope to create a skybridge and make a deal for a grocery store for the center. The skybridge would be created to connect the Pavilion where the grocery store would be found, along with CVS, Marshalls and DSW, with the parking garage on Westchester Drive across the street.

Why a Skybridge?

The proposed skybridge has a few features that make plenty of sense. First and foremost, it will provide a safe way for shoppers to get from the parking garage to the shopping center. Along with the safety, there will be grocery carts, which are not exactly easy to get across a busy street.

Another possible reason for the skybridge is the possibility that the parking garage may become something else.

What is a Skybridge?

A skybridge is much like the walkway at the airports that gets you from the airport to the plane. It won’t be permanently attached to any structure, so the parking garage could become a hotel or something else without any issue.

What Else to Expect?

With the potential of the skybridge, the front facade of the Pavilion will be improved. It will get a new area to accommodate strollers and grocery carts. Along with this improvement about 50,000 square feet is available for a grocery store. Thom Thumb is rumors to fill this space, but no lease has been signed yet

If the skybridge is approved, Crow Holdings has pledged $1.1 million to improve the parking garage, which will include painting, lighting and striping. The expected cost for the skybridge is about $750,000.

The skybridge could help with the congestion within the area and will certainly make it easier for shoppers to get to the Preston Center.

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