Top Books Written by DFW Authors

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AuthorA book from one of the DFW writers provides a wonderful addition to any reading list. Many of the authors from the area provide top-selling books to choose from. Here are four of the top choices from Dallas-Fort Worth Authors.

“Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan” by Dr. Susan Clark and James Disco

This is a graphic novel with plenty of power behind both the images and the words. It's about the genocide in Sudan and how hundreds of younger boys escaped from the army in the area. The book centers around the journey of four boys from different villages. Niki Singleton is responsible for the illustrations, which show the horrors of war and have a PG-13 rating.

“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” by Ben Fountain

This critically-acclaimed first novel from Ben Fountain provides a look at how a returning soldier sees America. His experiences give the reader a vivid picture of how an Iraqi War veteran sees things in Dallas after returning, such as the Thanksgiving Day Dallas Cowboys game honoring the soldiers and the many other local things happening in honor of the soldiers.

“Bright and Distant Shores” by Dominic Smith

This historic novel is set in the 19th-centuryand provides a look at the tribal Pacific culture including the weaponry and the handicrafts. It's a well-researched novel and was selected as one of the Best Books of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews. Dominic Smith is a visiting professor at SMU in the field of creative writing.

“The Loom” by Shella Gillus

This is the first novel from Shella Gillus. It's a story about a light-complexioned slave from a Maryland plantation named Lydia. It talks about how she escaped and used her appearance to transform her life.

All four of these books provide a powerful story from DFW authors. Many other novels and other types of books have been authored by writers from the area. However, these are four of the most recent to receive awards and praise.

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