The Lexi High Rise Condos & Apartments at 2815 N. Harwood in Uptown Dallas Harwood District

Posted by Kenneth Cox on Monday, September 23rd, 2013 at 5:15pm

Lexi high rise condo apartments at 2815 Harwood in Uptown DallasUptown Dallas will bring energy and residence excitement back into a person's lifestyle The Lexi in Dallas has pocket parks and Class AA office buildings, multiple-family living arrangements, retail rental properties and several garden cafes right to a person's backyard if in fact they so choose.  Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar as well as Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens are just two of the garden cafe eatery menus that a person may choose from. 

These beautiful and up-beat properties are located over a wide display of over six beautiful acres of multiple boutiques, shops, restaurants, and a diversified business portfolio from lawyers to museums.  What more could a person ask for? 

The Samurai Collection Museum will be coming to the Lexi in Harwood District very soon.  These popular exhibits has over 140 objects for people to debut.  These unique exhibits will show everyone the Samurai values and their Code of Honor.  This is a very popular exhibit in Canada and Paris, France.  

Harwood International has assisted the great city of Dallas in becoming more and more international as time passed.  The Lexi in Dallas are producing luxury projects for everyone to visualize as they stroll through the beautiful gardens and engulfing all of the beautiful nature and art exhibits.  Everyone may also choose to enjoy the wide variety of boutiques, shops, and exercise amenities that Lexi in Harwood District may have to offer their visitors, residents, or any other potential clients. 

2815 N.  Harwood St. and other districts, such as London's West End are growing into becoming a perfect utopia of an urban oasis so that everyone may enjoy their new Walk-to-Life lifestyles.  

A perfect example of the luxury living utopia would be the 1 bedroom, 1 & 1/2 bathrooms, and 1 private car garage is advertised for about $350,000 in Azure, Dallas.  If you purchase one of these luxury high rise condo apartments in Dallas, you can walk to your favorite boutique, such as The Blue Print or drop in for some food and drinks at the local Victory Tavern.  Residents in the Victory Park and Hardwoord District are also minutes from live entertainment at House of Blues and American Airlines center

One of the unique hotels that are available all through 2815 N.  Harwood St. is Hotel St.  German.  This glamorous hotel offers their guests or customers an intimate experience into this large and mysterious city; An epic urban real estate Atlantis in the making. This hotel will give people an escape from having their nose to the grindstone all of the time.  This hotel has multiple suites that are decorated with French antiques, beautiful canopied beds with magnificent bedding and warm and cozy fireplaces to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation adult time.  A person could soak in one of their gorgeous garden bathtubs or relax in one of the bubbling jacuzzies.  

2815 N. Harwood Uptown condos in Dallas offer stunning home style private bailiwicks with a beautiful staircases profiles, roof terraces that look like they could have been designed for a movie scene, and unique interior designs.  These high rise condos will create lots of energy and will also bring Uptown Dallas excitement into a resident's lifestyle. 

So if any person may be interested in debuting Uptown Dallas and Harwood International, please feel free to contact our real estate firm for an immediate appointment so that they could venture into an epic urban and upcoming real estate Atlantis in the making.  A person could easily become a member of this perfect utopia simply by calling and making the proper financial arrangements.

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