Suburb Spotlight: McKinney, TX

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119 S Tennessee St, MckinneyMcKinney is the name of a city located in Collin County, Texas. It is recognized as the 19th most populated city in Texas. It is located just 31 miles to the north of Dallas, Texas. According to the Census Bureau, this is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas.

The History

William Davis was the original owner of the land that is now known as McKinney. He donated 120 acres of the land he owned to the town. It was not until 10 years later that the town became incorporated and was adopted by the government.

The first 125 years of this suburb's existence it was the commercial hotspot of the county. It provided corn, flour, cotton, cottonseed oil, banks, churches, newspapers, and schools. In the 1880's there was even an opera house.

The Climate

McKinney is considered to be a rather humid suburb. July tends to be the warmest month and January is usually the coolest month. The highest temperature every recorded as 118 °F and the lowest was −7 °F. May tends to be the rainiest season of the year for this suburb.

Gregory's Bistro - 111 West Virginia Street

Gregory's Bistro is recognized as the finest dining establishment in McKinney. You have not eaten until you have eaten at this bistro. Gregory is a man who first learned how to cook with his mother in France. It did not take long for him to discover how much he loved food. By the age of 15, he was taking culinary classes. The bistro was originally opened in 2007 in Plano. He moved the bistro to McKinney in January of 2010.

McKinney is one of many comfortable suburbs in Texas that most people enjoy. It has the temperatures you expect and delicious dining establishments that keep you coming back for more. Most people also find the history to be fascinating.

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