Restaurant Spotlight: The Quarter Horse Sports Tavern

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The Quarter House Sports Tavern and Local Watering Hole were established where the former Chow N Chili was. The previous five years brought the closing of both Chow N Chili and Grill 1709, so the arrival of The Quarter Horse Sport Tavern was a welcome surprise.

The Atmosphere

The Keller Parkway location is full of people ready to grab a juicy burger for lunch with a friend or have a casual date. The Quarter Horse offers a relaxed atmosphere full of delicious food. The management team at Denton’s Hannah’s Off the Square also manages The Quarter Horse, so it is sure to be successful.

The Menu

Most of the food on the menu at Quarter Horse is typical sports bar type food: burgers, hot dogs, tacos, and sandwiches. But the restaurant wants to be more than a typical sports bar by offering unique menu choices that think outside of the sports bar box.

You can choose from dishes like the sweet-tea fried chicken sliders that pair a juicy chicken breast with a little sweetness, crispy onions, and cheddar slaw. They also offer cups and bowl of soups, with two of the most popular being the tomato-gorgonzola bisque and Juan’s jalapeno soup. There are lots of fresh salads and mostly all of them are vegetarian, so even non-meat eaters will find a home at this sports bar.


You will also have a variety of beverages to choose from including craft beer, martinis, wine, and cocktails. You can finish your delicious lunch or dinner with a dessert. Some of the more popular options are the buttermilk slab pie and the fresh banana cake.

So believe it when you hear that The Quarter Horse isn’t your traditional sports bar. Trust that it’s a good thing, but go and try it for yourself.

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