Make These 10 Checks Every Year to Keep your Home in Great Condition

Posted by on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 at 1:06pm

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Each year, you need to check specific things around your home. Whether it gets colder than normal in the winter in Dallas or it remains warmer, there are specific things that always need to be checked. Here are ten things you should check every year if you want to keep your home in excellent condition.


Your gutters can be the gateway to issues, especially during heavy rainfall. Make sure they are cleaned regularly and check to make sure they have not become clogged.

Air Conditioners

It gets very warm in Texas during the summer and you need to make sure you check your air conditioner. This should be done during the colder months before it gets hot.


Faucets can become leaky and cause water damage. Make sure these are checked yearly to ensure they don't need washers replace or other repairs done.

Siding and Paint

The outside of your home can start to crack and peel, which means the paint or siding isn't protecting your home any longer. Make sure to check this once a year.


Replacing filters on your furnace can make a huger difference. This should be done each month. You will also want to check the stove hood, room fans and the dryer vent.


Your roof is very important and should be checked every fall. Make sure the vents, skylights and chimneys are free of cracks or leaks. If necessary, take care of repairs before the winter months.


You want to make sure no leftover ashes are in your fireplace if you used it in the winter. It can be professionally cleaned, as well.

Safety Equipment

Any smoke detectors, fire extinguishers or other safety equipment should be tested yearly.


Make sure the door still seals well. This can be done by using the dollar bill test. Shut the door with a dollar bill in it and if you can easily pull it out, you may need a new door seal.

Doors and Windows

Seals on doors and windows keep your home either warmer or colder depending on the time of year. You want to look for cracks and make sure your seals are solid at last once a year.

Check these 10 things at least once a year and you can keep your home in great condition.

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