Are Transit-Oriented Developments on the Rise in DFW?

Posted by Kenneth G. Cox on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 at 6:03pm

Dallas Transit Oriented Development

If you haven’t heard the phrase “transit-oriented development” yet, it won’t be long before you become all too familiar with what seems to be one of the fastest growing real estate trends to hit major cities all over the United States. Here in the DFW area, nearly all of Dallas’ 60 existing light rail and commuter rail stations are driving all kinds of mixed-use development, especially at stops like Mockingbird Station, CityPlace/West Village, South Side on Lamar, and the Shops at Park Lane.

From a consumer standpoint, the primary appeal behind living in a transit-oriented development is of course the close proximity to public transportation, while from a city standpoint, TODs also help add sustainability density to accommodate for continued growth, help improve overall energy efficiency, and also help improve mobility for residents living all throughout the city and region.

Just recently, Stoneleigh Cos. announced plans to build a new transit-oriented apartment building next to downtown Carrollton’s DART station, so it’s also something that’s hitting plenty of Dallas-area suburbs as well.

It’s no secret that today’s home buyers and apartment hunters value sustainability and efficiency over just about anything else during a new home search, and there’s no better way achieve this lifestyle preference than being able to step outside and walk right down the street to a nearby train station.

So as job and population growth continue to sweet all of North Texas, look for more transit-oriented developments to hit the market not only here in Dallas, but also all through the DFW metro area as well.  

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