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Posted by Kenneth G. Cox on Friday, July 27th, 2018 at 10:54am

Hiring Dallas Fort Worth Realtors - Leads Provided!

DFW Real Estate Agent JobsWorking in the fast-paced DFW real estate industry can be challenging, but also rewarding. Like most industries, however, a successful career in real estate ultimately starts with the right company, the right people, and the right situation for each individual.  

If you're an experienced real estate agent, but struggling to keep a steady supply of leads coming in and your pipeline full, you’re probably asking yourself how you can I take my real estate career to the next level, bridge the gaps and continue building my own personal network. Well, that's where we at DFW Urban Realty come in and we’re here to help you with exactly that.  Our agents receive a steady daily supply of broker provided leads including buyers, sellers, residential leases and apartment locating leads.  In fact, we are receiving so many leads on a daily basis, averaging around 40/day, our agents are having a hard time keeping up with the volume which is why we are in search of a couple more experienced real estate agents in the Dallas Fort Worth area that are ready to hit the ground running.  Our DFW Broker Lead program allows agents to grow their business and income by finding the right balance between working broker leads and personal leads.  We also offer one of the best commission plans in the DFW area, with 50/50 Broker lead commission split, 80/20 Agent lead split, and all with no fees!  Why spend hundreds of dollars a month on Zillow, Redfin, Google PPC, Facebook or one of the other thousand lead services that promise the world, but often don't deliver.  Let us take care of the leads for you...after all, your time is best spent doing what you do best, Selling!  

Our strategic digital marketing strategies allow us to provide sales and rental leads to team members on a daily basis right from the beginning. In fact, if you were to call us today, we guarantee you will receive at least a dozen leads tomorrow!  We have agents that receive an average of 15 to 30 new leads everyday depending on location and areas of expertise. All of our leads are in-house, generated organically through targeted marketing campaigns that have been built and fine tuned over the past decade. Our marketing experts can also assist agents in running targeted buyer, seller, and renter ad-campaigns that focus on some of the hottest areas in DFW, allowing our agents to enjoy even stronger conversion and a higher success rate over time.

We also offer the most advanced real estate technology and tools for both our agents and customers, which makes your job easier.  Our new Agent Lead Contact Management System has built in automated tools to assist you with contacting, cultivating, converting and closing more deals!  Some of these Agent tools for first contact, follow up and lead nurturing include Auto Responders, Auto Saved Searches, Built in Text Messaging, Drip Email Campaigns and targeted Action Plans that allow you to define your overall Lead Strategy and execute!  I've included an example transaction below for a lead one of our agents received and executed a contract on this past week by following a simple step by step lead strategy for initial Lead Contact, Follow Up and Conversion...all that's left is Closing!

One of our agents that works the Uptown/Downtown/Park Cities area called me yesterday with some great news!  I recently spent a couple days with her and helped setup and fine tune her auto responder in our new Lead App and walked her through a simple action plan to execute a basic lead strategy.  For her, we worked out a 5 step Lead Strategy to use when contacting all her leads in Uptown and Downtown Dallas which is outlined below:

  1. Accept the lead - Personalized Auto Responder is simultaneously sent the second lead is accepted
  2. Call the lead - Call Lead directly through new Lead App, automatically documents notes in lead history
  3. Email the lead - Email Lead directly in Leadmanager System, automatically documented in lead history
  4. Text the lead - Text Lead directly in Lead App, automatically documents notes in lead history
  5. Assign Lead to Group - Assign & Setup Group & add Lead to Drip Email Campaign and/or Activity Plan

When the agent called me, she sounded extremely excited and for good reason!  All it took for her to lock in and execute a $530,000 loft in Downtown Dallas was Step 1 above.  She had a customer call her the day after she accepted the lead on her iPhone with our new Lead App and her auto-responder was immediately sent to this customer.  Even better, the customer said she found the email our agent sent in her junk mail folder, but she was so impressed with the content of the agent's email (personalized autoresponder), she picked up the phone and gave her a call. 24 hrs. later, she had already made an offer that was accepted over another offer by the builder and was on a flight from New York to check out her new place!  Long story short, with one click, one auto-responder, and one call, our agent executed a half million plus contract within a 24-hour period just by using the automated tools integrated into our new Lead App and working the quality leads we provide with a defined lead strategy.  On a side note, which is a perfect example of what not to do, the customer said she contacted 4 other agents before our agent and didn't even receive a call back.  There was only one other agent from another brokerage she was able to reach, and unbelievably the agent told her "I sent you and email, just look in your inbox and call me when you find it."

If you’re interested in growing your real estate business and ready for a change, visit our Dallas Fort Worth Realtor Career Center and learn more about DFW Urban Realty on Realtor careers page or contact us directly at (214) 764-4124 to see how we can help accelerate your path.  We are not just another company that promises the world and does not deliver!  When you contact us, we'll send you live examples of leads received within the last 24 hrs. so you can see for yourself the potential you have to close more deals!  We'll also provide you with login info. to access our DFW Realtor Lead Contact Management System, New Lead App for iPhone & Android and our new advanced Agent Customer Support Center, so you can see for yourself the potential you have to close more transactions when combining quality leads with the right tools and resources and most importantly your selling skills!  We offer access to Articles, Videos, Live Facebook Group Support, Live Webinars, Conferences and even more tools and resources to ensure you master our Lead Contact Management System and take full advantage of everything available to help you capture, cultivate, convert and ultimately close more deals!

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