How will Rahr & Sons Celebrate 10 Years Brewing in Texas?

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Big EventTen years ago the Rahr & Sons Brewing Company opened its doors. The owner discussed placing the brewery near Angelo’s Barbeque on White Settlement Road back in 2003 and now it’s reached 10 years in business.

He wanted a place where people could sit, relax and enjoy a beer rather than cater to those looking to get drunk quickly by slamming several beers. Here is a look at the history of Rahr & Sons and what you can expect for their ten year celebration.

How Rahr & Sons Began

Frederick “Fritz” Rahr Jr. thought of the business and started planning back in 2003. He opened it the following spring to give people a place to relax with a great beer. He attended Texas Christian University where he swam and spent time with his family learning brewing and malted barley product. It goes back in his family for six generations.

The company ended up changing locations to the former Coca-Cola warehouse on the south side of Fort Worth. The opening date changed too since it wasn’t ready by the target date. They type of atmosphere and customer he was looking for was successful in that his bar is known for being one where you sit to enjoy a good beer. This was unique since the craft-beer trend hadn’t hit North Texas at the time that he planned to do this.

They began with two craft lagers in 2004 that were draft-only but December when they were on store shelves in bottles. November is the celebration month according to Rahr & Sons which is why November of this year is the celebration of their 10 years.

How They Will Celebrate

On November 1st, there was a 10th-anniversary glasses that became available at the weekly tour and tasting. November 5th brought a DFW collaboration brew with Lakewood Brewing Co which was offered at midweek tastings in Rahr.

The real party is November 20th-22nd, starting with a pre-party from 6-9pm on Thursday at T&P Tavern. Then on the 21st you can enjoy the VIP event from 6-9pm at the brewery located at 701 Galvestone Avenue. They will feature food, 20 beers on tap and music.

On the 22nd, you have to check out the extended tour and tasting from 1-5pm with over 30 beers, you get a collectible glass, food and music by Brad Thompson. Don’t miss the 10th-anniversary brew, the Rahrzehnt made with chocolate milk stout and sweet chocolate while you’re there.

Customers can also look forward to the November 23rd event in which Rahr & Sons will take over the taps at the Flying Saucer Forth Worth from 2-8pm. This is located over at 111 East Third St @ Commerce.

The 10th anniversary celebrations for Rahr & Sons will be one to check out in Fort Worth.

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