How is AT&T Stadium Causing Arlington to Boom?

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Arlington Texas is benefitting in a huge way from the AT&T Stadium. They are coming off of the sporting high of pro football playoffs, college and high school events that were held there. The stadium is scratching the city’s back and they are responding by returning the favor.

Economists use alcohol taxes as a indicating link with sporting events to gage success. According to the city’s figures, Arlington’s state tax rose almost 50 percent from fiscal year 2012 to 2014. During the same period sales taxes rose almost four percent.

Arlington is using the taxes to cycle back to the stadium and pay back the $325 million in stadium bonds earlier than planned. Mayor Robert Cluck says, “The thinking is, we’ll have it paid off at twenty years rather than thirty years.”

Local Business Affected

The Owner of J. Gilligan’s Bar and Grill on Abrams in Arlington is benefitting from the AT&T Stadium. The Bar & Grill is known for their famous Irish Nachos but it is the game-day crowd that is impacting his business in the best way possible.

Randy Ford is the owner and reports that his game-day revenues are “three times what his non-game day business it”. Not only does he offer food and drinks to his patrons but Gilligan’s also offers a shuttle service to the stadium for events.

Ford was proud to report that, “Last Sunday, one of our drivers made $197 in tips alone. And that’s huge not [only] for us, those employees of ours go to the Walmarts and the Walgreens and CVS’ and spend money locally.”

Waitress Claire Edwards tells News 8 that she makes additional tips from game-day and the standing-room-only crowds, “We make a lot of money, I won’t lie to you. [The stadium] has done really well for Gilligan’s and for downtown Arlington everywhere, really.”

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