Do you want to Learn Glassblowing in Fort Worth?

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Schools around the North Texas area are educating their students on the ever exciting process of glassblowing. An art that is not typically taught at a school age level, has students fascinated with the world of creativity.

Glassblowing begins with an outrageously hot furnace, eventually the glass will cool and become a stunning piece of art. Students are being taught at the SiNaCa Studio, which is located in the vicinity of Southside. This Studio has proven to be much more than just a housing area for amazing glass art.

About SiNaCa Studio

SiNaCa Studio is a non-profit company that places their energy on education. Individuals of all ages come to this facility to take classes on the art of glassblowing. The company has been around for 6 years, and it was Clifford and Kevin McGehee dream to share the knowledge of creating glass art. The McGehees focus on skills, as well as control that is included during the glassblowing process.

Glass can be formed to look like stone, wood, bone, or polished pieces of glass art. The McGehees have partnered with the Forth Worth School district, and have specially designed a program in which educators instruct their students on glassblowing techniques. When educators learn, they teach their students how the process is completed. This is a fun and creative way to bring diversity to art class.

When students come to SiNaCa, they are receiving a hands on experience. At the beginning of the process, the glass will have the texture of honey or a watery taffy. The glass is taken from a furnace that is running at 2100 degrees Farenheit. By the end, the glass will take form, and be sent to the cooler for 9 to 12 hours before being placed at room temperature.

Classes are offered at different time intervals, including short classes that last 20 minutes. They also offer six week classes and extended programs. Prices vary from $40 to $600.

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