Did You Know there's a Texas-Born Christian Rapper?

Posted by on Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 2:44pm

Lecrae - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexiszargo/5198912392Most people don’t associate rap and Christian music as anything related. Rap music is typically about raunchier topics, while Christian music doesn’t go much further out there than pop or rock.

Texas-born musician, Lecrae, is starting a new category of Christian-rap. He is creating something new for the world that hasn’t been seen much in the past. While Christian rock was once considered unusual, Christian-rap is now the new bizarre collaboration that hasn’t been done before. Here is the story about the Texas-born Christian rapper Lecrae.

Who is Lecrae?

Christian-rapper Lecrae was born in Houston, Texas in 1979. He grew up in Houston, then San Diego, Denver, Dallas, and Plano. His parents sent him to the best schools in various cities.

Lecrae has been on the top spot of the Billboard 200 charts for his album Anomaly. He sold more than 88,000 albums in the first week which was even better than Big Sean’s latest album. The Billboard 200 is the same charts you’ll see big names like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

How did he become famous?

One method to his fame is talking about real-life issues. Instead of focusing on only positive issues and things only familiar to some, he reaches out and raps about darker topics. He uses his experiences to create music on different areas of life such as one song about abortion.

His past had some rebelling; he was selling weed, stealing, getting arrested, and was admired by thugs. Fortunately his faith was stronger than his need for mischief and he committed himself to Jesus at the age of 19 and took action at age 23.

After a failed attempt to study theater at University of North Texas, Lecrae found himself spending his time at the music lab rather than studying and decided to study in Tennessee before returning to UNT. With the influence of rapper Tupac and his school studies, he eventually found himself releasing seven studio albums and winning a Grammy.

Lecrae doesn’t want to be put into a box of one style. He believes in just making music rather than being pigeonholed as only spiritual or secular.

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